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Celebrating one of AFL's longest-standing and most iconic traditions: the banner run-through ... Read More


Celebrating one of AFL's longest-standing and most iconic traditions: the banner run-through

Have you ever wondered what makes Australian Rules Football so unique? Sure, the rules are unmistakably different to other sports, but it's the bizarre traditions and idiosyncrasies that make the game uniquely ours. One of those quirks is the team banner – an essential element of the pre-match build-up that has connected fans with their heroes for more than 80 years.

The humble banner, or run-through as it's known by the purists, has become an iconic symbol of our love for the game. It's why cheer squads around the country dedicate countless hours each and every week to delicately craft their messages on crepe. This painstaking process culminates in a fleeting moment of glory as the teams run onto the ground before the banner is torn (quite literally) to shreds.

From the funny to the offensive, the emotional to the political, banners come in all shapes and sizes and have evolved considerably, reflecting not only a changing cultural landscape but a changing game itself. Footy Banners: A Complete Run-Through is a collection of historical images, stories and unforgettable moments that pay homage to one of our game's longest-lasting rituals.

Format - Hardcover
Pages - 160
ISBN-13 9781761101045


Author Biography

Leigh Meyrick
Having grown up in a footy-mad household in Perth where a greater emphasis was put on being able to kick on both feet than to read or write, Leigh was always destined to be part of the sports industry. As it happens, the reading and writing part ended up being pretty central to his line of work, firstly as a journalist and then as Head of Media and Communications at the GWS Giants.

Matt Hagias
A football romantic, Matt grew up in the outer at Football Park, dreaming of making the big time. The closest he got (decades later) was writing banners for the GWS Giants, a task he takes very seriously as a humble custodian of this iconic tradition. In his spare time away from footy, Matt oversees the social media, influencer and content teams at One Green Bean, one of Australia’s most awarded creative communication agencies.


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