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Dear ’G: A Love Letter to Melbourne’s Legendary Stadium

Listen closely. Hear that? It's the echo of emotion, the fervour of a hundred thousand cheers, the wellspring of a fandom that just can’t be denied — and it lives and breathes within the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Much like the Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building, the MCG stands proudly as our city’s landmark, and a testament to the enduring love affair with our beloved sport.

Areal shot of the MCG Stadium during the day

Affectionately known as "The 'G,” the MCG is more than just a stadium. It's a sacred ground, steeped in history and celebrated by generations of cricket fans. As the largest stadium in the Southern Hemisphere, it stands as a towering symbol of Melbourne's love for sport and entertainment.

The stadium first took shape in 1853 on the banks of the Yarra River. What began as a humble patch of land soon blossomed into the iconic stadium we know today. The MCG is alive with the energy of a hundred thousand passionate fans during events like the AFL Grand Final and the Ashes.

Plus, it's not just sport that gets hearts racing within these hallowed walls. Crowds are uplifted by once-in-a-lifetime concerts from the modern pop sounds of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran to legends like David Bowie, Madonna, the Rolling Stones and Sir Paul McCartney.

As you wander through the corridors of the MCG, you'll discover new ways to indulge your fandom. With a recently renovated shop boasting the latest in merchandise and memorabilia, there's no better way to take a piece of the MCG experience home with you. Pick up quality caps from New Era, the latest fashion from NAR and of course beanies and scarves from Kookaburra.

But you know what truly sets the MCG apart? It’s the emotional connection it holds for the people of Melbourne. For generations, families have gathered here to witness sporting triumphs and musical marvels, to share in both the collective joy of victory and the bittersweet sting of defeat. It's a bond that transcends time, weaving its way through the fabric of Melbourne's identity and leaving a mark on all who pass through its gates.

Evening areal shot of the MCG Stadium

Whether it’s sport, music or Melbourne you love, the ’G will always welcome you here with open arms. Join us as we celebrate the rich heritage — one cheer at a time, one song at a time — at the legendary Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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